DOT/Federally Regulated SAMHSA certified laboratory drug tests

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Introducing an innovative digital DOT/Federally regulated drug testing solution that offers simplicity in usage, safeguards against common errors, monitors specimen progress throughout the testing procedure, & promptly delivers results to your valued customers.

Benefits of Labb Station's Digital DOT Testing

Conduct DOT/Federally Regulated drug testing programs side-by-side with rapid & non-DOT clients using a single, easy-to-use platform.

Specimen eTracking

Get real-time test statuses on your DOT/Federally regulated specimens as they progress through the drug testing & MRO process.

End-to-End Automation

Labb Station's automation tracks down reports, coordinates MRO details, compiles the data, & reports the results automatically.

All-in-One Platform

Eliminate the hassle of multiple softwares. Consolidate all rapid urine & oral fluids, DOT & Non-DOT drug testing into a single platform.

Ultra-Simple Hybrid CCF

Get the simplicity of a paper chain with the efficiency of Labb Station's advanced eTracking, & digital result management.

DOT/Federally Regulated SAMHSA certified laboratory drug tests

Available Drug Tests

DOT/Federally Regulated SAMHSA certified laboratory drug tests

Training & Certifications

With Labb's easy-to-understand training and certification programs, your collectors without prior testing experience can quickly become industry professionals.

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Can I use my own DOT Account with Labb Station?

With Labb Station, you do not need a lab account. All of your lab services are managed through Labb's laboratory accounts. This process allows us to consolidate all of your rapid, DOT, &non-DOT tests into a single, simple to understand program. With Labb, you will also know what you pay for products & services with no hidden fees or hard to understand invoices.

Do I need to be a DOT Certified collector or trainer to use Labb's DOT platform?

Yes. Labb Station's DOT platform is designed to help you manage your DOT testing business, but requires that you are trained on collection & documentation before using Labb's DOT platform.

Does Labb offer a paperless CCF option?

Labb provides a comprehensive eCCF (paperless) testing option for all rapid urine & oral fluid tests, in addition to non-DOT urine & oral fluid tests. Furthermore, Labb features an innovative hybrid DOT documentation system, which swiftly digitizes the necessary CCF data on Labb Station's mobile checklist, speeding up the process &helping to eliminate common mistakes.

Get started with Labb Station Risk-Free for 30 days

When you order Labb Station, if you are not 100% satisfied for any reason, return the system & supplies within 30-days for a complete refund.