Labb Station
the all-in-one drug testing solution

Labb Station is revolutionizing the drug testing process with the most complete rapid & laboratory testing system on the market.

Trusted by thousands of drug testing professionals

Streamline your drug testing process, from collection to result

The most simple & affordable way to improve to your drug testing workflow from start to finish.

Collection & Screening

Eliminate the risk of misinterpretation & mix-ups with an automated sample collection process. Learn more

Verification & Tracking

Keep track of samples in real time, whether they're with the carrier, the lab or the MRO.
Learn more

Results Management

Gain immediate access to tamper-proof results with an easy-to-use online portal. Learn more

"The administrative and reporting side is time consuming, and Labb Station cuts it all down to milliseconds."

CEO of Drug and Alcohol Testing Clinic

“You not only get the test result right away, but auto-reporting gets it to the person who needs it right away, and you can report to multiple people simultaneously.”

Owner of Occupational Testing Facility

Produce lab-quality results in as little as 3 minutes

With Labb Station, you can get faster, more accurate results — with total confidence. 

All-in-One drug testing reader

An easy-to-use testing station that reads rapid tests & documents the collection process with amazing precision & reliability.

All-in-one drug testing software

All-in-one software that tracks, reports, and manages results to enhance your entire testing program.

Cut your collection and
admin time in half

Eliminates hours of manual tasks each day, allowing you to spend time on what matters most.

Rapid Login

Scannable login badges for quick, secure access to the testing platform

License/ID Scanner

Instantly capture donor details saving precious time & eliminating mistakes

Paperless eCCF

Eliminate paper & create a digital chain of custody with a simple click

Reduce costs with unlimited
customizations at your fingertips

Create a custom drug testing program that meets your unique requirements — without paying for tests you don’t need.

Testing Options

Rapid + laboratory urine + oral test kits

Panel Flexibility

Flexible rapid and laboratory test configurations

Customized Service

Drug testing programs specific to your needs

Simple-to-use software,
backed by 24/7 support

Even collectors without prior testing experience can quickly become drug testing professionals.

Automated Guidance

On-screen guides walk collectors through the process step-by-step

Online Training

Online training and certification programs make anyone a professional

Passionate Support

Labb’s customer support team is available 24/7 to ensure you have help when you need it

Get started with Labb Station Risk-Free for 30 days

When you order Labb Station, if you are not 100% satisfied for any reason, return the system & supplies within 30-days for a complete refund.