Labb Station’s Results Management Software

Enhance your client experience & save valuable time with Labb Station's cutting-edge software. With Labb Station, you can conveniently access & swiftly share drug testing results from any location & on any digital device.

Common Drug Testing Program Challenges

Organizing & securely sharing drug test results can often be a significant challenge. However, Labb Station addresses this issue with its modern electronic Custody & Control Form (eCCF). By leveraging this advanced technology, your results are automatically & electronically added to online portal, ensuring easy, secure access & utilization by both you & your clients.

How Labb Station Improves Drug Test Results Management

Labb has simplified the process of uploading, downloading, storing, sharing, and printing documents related to drug testing. With Labb, you can easily manage these tasks in a paperless manner, making the entire process straightforward and hassle-free.

Access results from any device

All rapid, DOT, and non-DOT test results are available in real-time & added to the result portal so everyone can access them as soon as they’re available.

A single location for all results

Labb Station serves as a centralized storage location for all your drug testing results and related documents. Whether it's drug tests conducted through Labb Station, physicals, background checks, or third-party reports, you can securely store and access all your confidential reports in one place.

Simple, secure data access

Gain peace of mind with Labb Station's secure, dedicated test result library, meticulously maintaining copies of all drug test outcomes for a period of seven years. This ensures historical data is always readily available, facilitating compliance, in-depth analysis, & absolute confidence in the safeguarding of your valuable information.

Results Management:
How It Works

Labb Station Online result portals are easy to use & provides advanced features that enhance how drug test results are controlled.

Drug test results are displayed when finalized

The Labb Station dashboard includes comprehensive reports that allow for sorting & filtering of all testing results.

Auto-reports test results to clients & contacts

Use Labb Station to pre-select contact to receive results based on a variety of criteria.

Download, email, or print test results

Labb Station provides flexible filtering & sorting options to easily easily create & export reports & effortlessly integrate them with your CRM or third-party software.

Get started with Labb Station Risk-Free for 30 days

When you order Labb Station, if you are not 100% satisfied for any reason, return the system & supplies within 30-days for a complete refund.

Labb Station Results Management FAQs

How long does it take to get a drug test result from the laboratory & MRO?

Negative Labb Station electronic laboratory results are normally available in 24 hours. Positives results that require MRO are generally available within 72 hours.

Does Labb Station offer online access to result for our clients?

Yes! Labb Station allows users to create & share results with an unlimited number of clients. Setting up a new client and portal takes about 2 minutes.

Can we add our own logo to Labb Station result forms?

Yes. If you are using Labb Station's white label option, your company logo will appears on cover pages, result forms, eCCFs, online dashboards, & client portal login pages.