Labb Station
The Complete Solution

Simple, fast, accurate, & affordable – Labb’s all-in-one drug testing solution is revolutionizing the industry. From digital sign-in to flexible customization options, Labb Station transforms your entire drug screening business.

"The fact that Labb Station reads the test kit, taking the collector out of it, and that it auto-reports the results — were two major factors that made me immediately want to use the system."

Owner of Occupational Testing Facility

What is Labb Station?

Drug Testing Control Center

Labb Station is a powerful system that consolidates entire drug testing programs down into a single, easy to use mobile app. With its flexible technology & high level of online security, Labb Stations opens up opportunity to provide your clients with unprecedented quality, testing options, & data protection.

Specimen Processing Station

Why deal with the hassle of hand-written forms, error-prone workflows & accounting nightmares? Labb Station’s digital readers offer ease of use & deliver the power of technology, transforming your manual testing program into a digital automation.

Flexible Panel Configurator

Enjoy the ability to quickly create custom panel configurations for your clients using urine & oral fluid, rapid & laboratory tests. With over a million testing options, Labb Station empowers your company with virtually limitless drug testing options for your clients.

Result Automation System

Say goodbye to the hassle of manual paperwork with Labb Station's eCCF drug tests & digital result forms. Get professional, precise, & automated digital result forms each time a test is conducted. And with Labb Stations complete integrated workflow, coordination with laboratories & MRO are automatically handled in the cloud.

"We don’t have any phone calls saying, ‘you forgot to send me the results.’ Our clients are happy.”

- Owner of Occupational Testing Facility

Unparalleled Customer Support

Labb Station comes with our commitment to support your company with  24/7 technical assistance & unmatched live customer support from 7am to 7pm. Our patient Labb team members are always ready to provide a quick solution to all questions.

Why use a Labb Station reader and not your own mobile tablet or phone

Ultra-Secure, online testing platform

Many apps today can compromise your mobile device data & onscreen images. The Labb Station ultra-secure platform backed by Hex-Node MDM & fortified by Samsung Knox provides the digital protection that your testing results deserve.

Remote access for quick support

The Labb Station reader offers a unique feature where your tablet is managed, updated, and secured by Labb's team of IT professionals. This advanced technology enables Labb's technical support team to remotely access your reader in case of technical issues that require real-time access.

Built for optimum scanning

The Labb Station stand is designed to securely hold a tablet reader and testing kit in an optimal position, minimizing issues like glare, shadows, parallax, and other anomalies during image capture.

App designed for tablet reader

Labb's software development team designs, tests, and deploys the Labb Station reader app specifically for compatibility with Samsung's 10-inch screen and onboard security features. While the Labb Station app can function on various iOS and Android devices, optimal performance is ensured when using the Labb Station provided tablet reader.

We Guarantee You Will Love it

When you Labb Station, if you are not 100% satisfied for any reason, return the system & supplies within 30-days for a complete refund.

Labb Station Drug Testing System FAQs

How accurate is Labb Station?

Labb Station's next generation technology provides extreme precision with the ability to prove rapid test interpretation accuracy for up to 7 years after the original result was rendered.

How much does Labb Station cost?

The Labb Station unlimited software includes as many donor, collectors, test panels, & organizations as you require for only $40/mo. You can purchase the Labb Station reader (recommended) or use your own mobile device. The $40 license also includes 24/7 technical support, 1-on-1 training, & unlimited call & emails with Labb specialists.

Can I use my own lab and MRO?

The Labb Station system is a single-source provider, offering everything you need within a monthly invoice.  You can order all your laboratory services, MRO, quick test kits, and collection supplies from this one-stop shop. Labb serves as your go-to platform for all your needs – from customer support, result inquiries, training assistance to supply orders. It's your one-stop shop for everything