Become a Labb Partner

If you are toxicology laboratory or a national TPA interested in developing an OEM or technology license to a custom Labb Station, download & execute our Standard Non-Disclosure Agreement & upload a signed copy with your form.

Click here to complete and download NDA form.

Once the NDA is complete & uploaded, you will receive a meeting link to schedule a discovery call.


Standard OEM License

Labb offers complete OEM version to Labb Station with full support & parallel development roadmaps. With this option, your organization gets access to all new technology developed for Labb Station.

Ownership opportunities available.

Custom OEM License

Labb also offers a Custom OEM version of Labb Station with parallel roadmaps as well as custom features & technology designed exclusively for your organization. This option allows your company to market key features & benefits only available to your customers.

Ownership opportunities available.

Stand-Alone License

Lastly, Labb offers a "control your destiny" license that establishes a new branch of Labb Station where you have complete control over the development direction & team. The Stand-Alone license offers a non-parallel roadmap with complete autonomy over the direction of your technology.

Ownership required.

We respect your privacy. Rest assured, we will never sell or share your contact information with any third parties.