True DOT Look-alike & DOT look-alike Plus

The first tests of their kind, Labb Station offer a fully integrated option for organizations that wish to mimic the DOT regulations from start to finish.

Provide the industry's first rapid DOT Look-a-like for clients with specific drugs & cut-off requirements.

Offer DOT Drugs & Cut-Offs

Ensure your client requirements are met when their non-DOT testing programs are built around DOT regulations.

Lab Confirmation with DOT levels

The UA Series Look-alikes can be confirmed using Labb's fully-integrated SAMHSA-certified laboratory partner.

MRO Services Available

Similar to DOT tests, all results, even negative ones, can be reviewed by a Medical Review Officer (MRO)

Paperless Solution with eCCF

Everyone will appreciate real-time test status visibility on Labb Station's Online Dashboard & mobile App.

Add-on Drugs to DOT Panels

Use the core DOT drugs & levels as a starting point with clients that want additional key drugs like Fentanyl, Tramadol, & LSD. (Requires UA:16C)

Easy Automation, Fast Results

Streamline DOT look-alike programs with Labb Station's automated technology & fully managed solutions.

Labb Station DOT UA Series

The right tool for the job. The all new UA:10C & 16C are both one-step, digitally read, fully-integrated rapid DOT look-alikes that are only available through Labb Station's drug testing.

Get started with Labb Station Risk-Free for 30 days

When you order Labb Station, if you are not 100% satisfied for any reason, return the system & supplies within 30-days for a complete refund.

DOT Look-a-Like FAQs

What is a "DOT Look-alike" rapid drug test?

A rapid DOT look-alike is a test that closely mimics the drugs & cut-off levels of the industry standard laboratory DOT drug test. For a rapid test to be considered a look-alike, it must match all of the DOT drugs and must have cut-off levels that are equal to lower than the DOT levels. Labb has created a 28-pt scale that outlines the rapid test requirements for being a true DOT look-alike.

Why does the laboratory call a "DOT look-alike" a 5 panel?

Laboratories generally group certain drugs together regardless of the test type being a "DOT look-alike" or not. Laboratories, like the DOT, group Opiates & Amphetamines into classes with specific drugs & specific cut-off levels for each. In rapid testing, many of the drugs the laboratories consider a single drug group are actually multiple rapid drug test assays. In total, there are 14 specific analytes that comprise the DOT test-panel requirement.

How is the UA:10C able to detect the the 14 drugs on the "DOT look-alike" panel with only 10 drug tests assays on the device?

In rapid drug testing, there are target analytes & cross-reactions. Many of the Opiate & Amphetamine tests that target a specific analyte, also detect alternate Opiates & Amphetamines through cross-reactions. For example, the rapid test for HMO or Hydromorphone has a greater affinity to detect Oxymorphone than the OXY or Oxycodone assay. The Oxymorphone, Hydrocodone & Hydromorphone DOT requirement are satisfied on the UA:10C and 16C is using a single test assay for HOM or Hydromorphone. With Labb's special UA Series rapid tests, all 14 drugs of the DOT can be detected using only 10 rapid drug test assays.