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Testing for THC

All of our eTests and laboratory test calibrators are delta-9.

When marijuana is introduced into the body in any form or by any method, it ends up in the blood stream until it is ultimately metabolized and exits the body through body fluids (urine, oral fluid, sweat,  etc...  The metabolization of marijuana results in a number of THC metabolites. Without getting technical, the target metabolite that is screened and confirmed by our POCT devices and our partner labs is:

11-nor-delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol commonly referred to as "Delta 9". 

The testing for Delta 9 is nothing new and has not changed in over 25+ years. Delta 9 is the same metabolite that was screened and confirmed for long before CBD oil and other CBD products were legally or illegally available for sale.

For the past 25+ years, marijuana screening on POCTs has been able to detect and target the Delta 9 metabolite. Although our screening test kits for THC are able to detect more than just Delta 9, Delta 9 remains the calibrator at the screening level and the exclusive metabolite at the confirmation level.

All of our laboratory partners screen and confirm for Delta 9 exclusively. Our lab result reports do not reflect results based on Delta 8 findings and no amount of Delta 8 in a donor specimen will cause a confirmation test to generate a false result. 

"Delta 9 is the target metabolite in all of our rapid testing devices and the exclusive metabolite in all of our lab-based testing and confirmation procedures."

If you have any concerns regarding our testing procedures for THC and the metabolites we detect and/or target, please send us an email at


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