The Reader

Simple enough for amateurs, built for professionals


US PATENT NO. 10,340.032


Labb Station 10

Large display. Ideal for higher volume testing centers with multiple collectors.

On Sale for only $379.

Normally $399

Professionals only

Labb Station 8

Medium display. Ideal for smaller testing centers with mobile collectors.

On Sale for only $279.

Normally $299

Professionals only

The Labb Station support team
is always just a phone call away

...and ready to assist you when you need us.
(877) 868-9967 or

The Full Package

Everything needed to practice & get started


Labb Station System


Includes Labb Station 8 or 10, folding keyboard, training pack, & system manual.

w/ Labb station 10 - On Sale for only $379.

Normally $399

w/ Labb station 8 - On Sale for only $279.

Normally $299

Professionals Only

Pocket Sized

The power of Labb Station in your pocket


Use your own mobile device

Works with all Labb DRTs

No additional costs


Same features as Labb Station 8 & 10

Must have a Labb Station free or paid account to use the Mobile App. Labb Station Mobile is for professionals & works with all Labb brand DRTs (Digital Rapid Tests)


Coming soon


Reader Pricing

features by reader type

IMPORTANT:  The Labb Station READER has a low initial & replacement cost as compared to most mobile devices. Labb Station is a managed device that is controlled, secured & support by Labb client services.