Auto-onboarding for Rapid Reader with eTest cups.

Rapid Reader Certified

Rapid Reader with eTest cup certification


Ls1, Ra1, & Ua1
multi-part certification

This auto-onboarding with Rapid Reader certification can be added to any Level 1 - single-client license. Once added to your account, only certified technicians are allowed to access your Lab Station systems.

Certification time:   
less than 2 hours


• Rapid donor intake system
• Testing workflows
• Creating Panels
• Specimen Handling
• Lab Confirmations
• Results management

Passing Score:     

Set-up costs:     FREE

User Certification cost:    $49
(includes badges & certification)

Account & contact person

Assign a training contact person below. This is the individual that will receive an email notice each time a Labb Technician becomes certified.