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Labb Fusion by Fastest Labs

Fastest Labs has engaged Labb to build a rapid drug testing solution exclusively for the Fastest Labs. Lab Fusion, a special edition of Labb Station is designed for the franchise industry and can only be purchased by Fastest Labs locations.



Labb Fusion in Production

Lab Fusion is the blend hardware, software, and industry education. Without all three components, Labb Fusion would not be the extraordinary system it is.


Lab Fusion Stands

Lab Fusion stands and certain other elements of the system are manufactured in the USA using 3D printer technology and PLA, a biodegradable, renewable material manufactured from sugar cane.



Partnership with Labb

Lab Fusion stands exclusive blue and contain the Lab Fusion by Fastest Labs logo. Lab Fusion is the only OEM product manufactured in partnership bb Labb.


Under Fastest Labs control

By 2025, Fastest Labs will take over management of Lab Fusion, independently directing development with complete support by the Labb team for up to 5 years.


Lab fusion testing stands
3D printing in action

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