National Labb Network
of Independent Drug Testing Companies
Terms of Membership & Use

By joining the National Labb Network of Independent Drug Testing Companies (hereinafter referred to as NLN, I agree that:

1. I will follow all legal and ethical practices that lead to accurate, error free results. 

2. I will treat all other NLN members with respect.

3. I will not share confidential NLN information with anyone.

4. I will do my best to prevent donors from altering, adulterating or somehow achieving an erroneous result.

5. I will keep all of my and other NLN members's donor information and customer account information confidential.

6. I will only use the Labb approved laboratory services and eTests on the Labb software and NLN system.

7. I will conduct standard specimen collections for no more than $15.

8. I will conduct DOT or Split specimen collections for $20.

9. I will conduct Rapid testing collections & processing for $15 negative & $20 positives.

10. I will allow the NLN to debit my Labb Fee account for all services ordered by myself for authorized users on my account.

11. I will allow the NLN to credit my Labb Fee account for all services I perform that are ordered by other authorized users on the network.

12. I understand that there is a $0.50 per test transaction unit charged for using the NLN.

13. I understand that ordering a drug test or specimen collection on the network will cost $0.50 more than the collector or service provide receives.

14. I understand that a transaction unit is:

• a lab test ordered on the system regardless of who collections the specimen

• a rapid eTest used on the Labb Station regardless of direct read or Labb Read.

• A collection ordered

• A confirmation test ordered.

• An MRO service ordered

15. I understand that the maximum I can be charged for any one testing event is $1.50.