Labb meets Lab

Your Labb Reader Pro is not just an amazing rapid drug test reader anymore. Starting September 2021, you can upgrade to Labb Professional and get access to built-in confirmations and thousands of standard lab panels, integrated FedEx tracking, an all new MRO portal.


Instantly send a secure result form to any authorized contact. Consolidate the Rapid, Lab, and MRO result onto a single result form. (Non-federal only)

Rapid Test kits

Use the Pro Reader to scan any eTest cup or oral fluid swab to conduct an initial drug screen.

  • Paperless results

  • Urine and oral fluid

  • Online result access

  • Electronic signature

  • Legally defensible 

Lab Testing

Smart forms automatically adjust based on the information collected, test type & stage of the process.

  • Paperless thru MRO

  • Urine and oral fluid

  • Track tracking

  • SAMSHA certified

  • Fast results


Capture signatures from collectors, specimen donors and MROs using the built-in signature app.

  • Drop & ship confirmation

  • Same day results*

  • Bundled pricing available

  • 2nd day options

  • LOD available


Process Federally mandated and DOT specimens using any Pocket Labb mobile app on phones and tablets.

  • Paperless DOT

  • SAMSHA Certified Labs

  • Medical Review Services

  • Program Management

  • Fast turn-around

  • COMING January 2022