Labb Pro Reader

Pro Reader is the next-generation drug testing technology that offers industry-leading read accuracy and reliability of over 99%.

US PAT  10,340,032

Collect and scan donor samples using Reader Pro for paperless laboratory testing (as well as MRO) at Certified SAMSHA labs (Quest or Desert Tox).
Follow your drug tests from rapid screen to FedEx shipping to the laboratory and MRO with Labb's "Real Time" sample and result tracking.
If accuracy comes from reading the test kit correctly, then there is nothing as accurate as a Reader Pro. The Reader Pro guarantees a POCT read accuracy of better than 99%. 

The monthly license fee includes unlimited testing, users, locations, donors, and more. Other features are available. See brochure for complete details and pricing.

Get a Labb Demo

Schedule a live demo to see the Pro Reader and Online web dashboard in action.  It takes about 15-minutes.

Online Dashboard

Get 24/7 access to past results, monitor lab confirmations, access MRO Reports, check POCT inventory levels, get certified, manage users, donors, locations, & more. 

Included with Reader License

Get Labb Certified

You don't have to be a Labb customer to access rapid test certifications. Labb offers a variety of low-cost certification programs with official certificates and industry ID cards.

Scannable ID cards unlock Reader features


Custom Result forms

Get professional, easy-to-understand result forms each time you conduct a rapid or lab drug test using a Reader Pro. The paperless process sends secure result forms directly to authorized contacts.

Add your logo to rapid and lab results

Pocket Sized Labb

Turn your phone or tablet into a spare reader with the Pocket Labb app. Download on the Apple or Google Play stores today.

Included with Reader License


Pro Reader Demo

In 15-minutes, you will see why so many organizations are making the witch to Labb.