eTest Kits

The difference between eTest kits and standard test kits is accuracy, validations, and reliability. Pocket Labb quickly identifies light, hard-to-see test lines and knows when a light line is a negative and when a light line is positive. This system of reading test lines based on per lot validations is the difference between extreme accuracy and what you are getting now.


Makes reordering simple

Unique ID links to donor and creates a legal record

Maintain privacy prior to scanning

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eTest Cups

Rapid eTest Kits are customizable and offer hundreds of thousands of panel configurations. Using Pocket Labb, the eTest becomes a powerfully accurate testing tool that can be used by anyone.

High reliability

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eTest Oral Swabs

Oral Fluid eTest Kits offer accuracy and reliability at a level that is unmatched in the market. Due to multiline technology, Labb eTest kits operate on a lower sample mount than most other rapid tests. This produces significant improvement in test performance and overall reliability.

High reliability

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