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Labb agrees to build next generation drug testing technology for Fastest Labs, also known as The Drug Testing Franchise

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Labb PR
Published on
December 22, 2022

PORTSMOUTH, VA, USA, December 22, 2022 / -- Ramsey Diagnostics Corporation, d/b/a Labb, today announced a new 10-year agreement to build a special Labb Station reader system for Fastest Labs of San Antonio, TX also known as “The Drug Testing Franchise”. Under this new agreement Fastest Labs will be the exclusive franchise license holder, for all versions of Labb Station. “We see Fastest Labs as the most dominant franchise in drug testing with staggering growth,” says Labb’s president James Ramsey. “We agreed to build a special technology for Fastest Labs that meets their ongoing needs for managing large numbers of locations and clients with advanced features not available to anyone else”. The new agreement allows Fastest Labs management to partner in the software development process and to control the features that are created for their offices.

Under this new agreement the technology being developed by Labb specifically for this contract will ultimately be owned by Fastest Labs at the end of the 10-year partnership. “We evaluated all drug testing software and reader options on the market and the Labb technology appears to be light-years ahead of everyone else”, says CEO of Fastest Labs Dave Claflin. “With this new partnership, we are helping Labb develop the perfect solution that meets the specific needs of our franchisees and when we are done developing it together, we own our version of the software outright”.

Labb provides drug testing software and hardware solutions for a variety of markets and clientele. “Our vision is to provide modifiable software that fits the workflow and specific needs of each client” says Ramsey “And if a client like Fastest Labs needs something really special, we will partner and build it”. The contract between Labb and Fastest Labs will continue until 2032.Labb is a Virginia based software development firm focused on modular and end-to-end solutions for drug and clinical testing organizations. The Labb’s primary integrated partners include FedEx (shipping), Quest Diagnostics (laboratory services), and Cynergy Health (Medical Review Services).Fastest Labs also known as the drug testing franchise, ( is a Texas based national franchise with hundreds of independent offices planned to be open to US businesses in 2023.

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